Dozens of Israeli intel soldiers refuse to serve in Palestinian territories

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JERUSALEM, Israel (PNN) - September 12, 2014 - Dozens of reserve soldiers from an elite Israeli intelligence unit publicly declared Friday that they refuse to operate in the Palestinian territories, citing moral reasons.

Commentary: Are students afraid to be free?

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By Abigail Hall

WASHINGTON (PNN) - September 10, 2014 - Class is back in session for most colleges and universities across the country. Last year, I had the privilege of teaching college economics courses for the first time. We discussed many issues, from the economics of the so-called War on Drugs and the so-called War on Terror, to the minimum wage, to why airlines offer discounts to grandmothers but not businessmen. It was during one of these discussions, when analyzing a particularly nefarious but common policy, that one of my students raised his hand. His question was simple.

The Declaration of Bitcoin's Independence

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When we say Bitcoin, we mean the idea: the birth of cryptocurrency. We know it's not perfect. But we're not after perfection, we're after progression. We're after a way out. And we will not stop. Bitcoin is sovereign currency.

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Chicken Chick won’t give up her chickens despite cease-and-desist order

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SUFFIELD, Connecticut (PNN) - August 22, 2014 - Even in the wake of a town-issued cease-and-desist order, Kathleen Mormino - the self-proclaimed “Chicken Chick” - isn’t about to give up her chickens despite not possessing the required acreage on which to raise them.

Resident revolt backs down city officials on unlawful road barricades

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CINCINNATI, Ohio (PNN) - August 5, 2014 - Terrorist pig thug officials in Cincinnati, Ohio, were tired of seeing prostitutes take over parts of the city. The city council's solution to the problem was to put up barriers that block off key roads. Although the city recently backed down in the light of a resident revolt, terrorist pig thug officials released a report Monday trumpeting the blockade's success.

Man builds private toll road on own land

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LONDON, England (PNN) - August 5, 2014 - An entrepreneur has gambled his home on building a toll road after becoming frustrated at council delays in clearing a commuter route blocked by a landslip.

Mike Watts is charging motorists £2 per journey to use his bypass made from rolled chippings and avoid the closed section of the A431 between Bath and Bristol.

Ukraine antiwar movement grows

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Mothers resist government efforts to draft their children.

KIEV, Ukraine (PNN) - August 4, 2014 - The Ukrainian government is desperate for more men on the eastern front to fight the separatists. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced yet a third round of general military mobilization, and draft orders are being delivered across Ukraine. Scores of young men from as far off as the Romanian border face conscription into the military and being sent to fight fellow Ukrainians in the east.

Caution thrown to wind as WikiLeaks breaks gag order

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MELBOURNE, Australia (PNN) - July 31, 2014 - They were warned not to share it, but share it they did.

Australians, intrigued by the latest revelation from WikiLeaks, took to social media to pass on a document they were never meant to see.

On Wednesday morning, the whistleblowing group, headed by Julian Assange, broke a suppression order, which was itself subject to a suppression order.

Speech that got Judge Napolitano fired from Fox News

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Asking questions as Judge Andrew Napolitano did in a recent broadcast on his now cancelled daily show may very well be the reason behind his recent dismissal from Fox News. Though specific details are hard to come by because the Judge has yet to give any interviews on the matter, it's believed that his refusal to bow to commonly manufactured media narratives is among one of several key reasons he is no longer with the network.

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Jury nullification is interfering with marijuana convictions

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CONCORD, New Hampshire (PNN) - July 15, 2014 - Courts around the country are having more trouble prosecuting marijuana cases because of increasing awareness of a constitutional doctrine called jury nullification.

Under the Bill of Rights, jurors have the power to find a defendant not guilty if they find the law in question is flawed - even if the person being accused actually did smoke pot (or commit another victimless crime).