Quantum “sealed envelope” system enables perfectly secure information storage

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 11/06/2013 - 19:07

CAMBRIDGE, England (PNN) - November 4, 2013 - A breakthrough in quantum cryptography demonstrates that information can be encrypted and then decrypted with complete security using the combined power of quantum theory and relativity - allowing the sender to dictate the unveiling of coded information without any possibility of intrusion or manipulation.

DARPA wants to create cheap, mass-produced mind-reading device

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/23/2013 - 18:52

WASHINGTON (PNN) - October 12, 2013 - We knew it was only a matter of time. The research into the human brain has been advancing so rapidly in recent months that eventually the military would have to look into the subject. After all, if gamers are being given the opportunity to overclock their brains, then chances are that the Amerikan Gestapo Department of Defense division will find some use for the same sort of tech.

The LED lights in your home could be spying on you

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 17:35

An LED light can be used to spy on someone and hear everything that they are saying in their home. Don't believe it? Here's your proof!

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SafeSlinger provides NSA-proof secure communications

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/09/2013 - 18:03

CyLab researchers have developed and released a new smartphone app to provide users with a free and easy to use means for secure messaging and file transfer. With SafeSlinger, a user can establish secure communications directly with trusted individuals and groups in ten seconds, with nothing more than the smartphone in their hand. Reportedly, not even the NSA can break this encryption.

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Researchers claim to have created messaging app even NSA can’t crack

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/09/2013 - 17:53

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (PNN) - October 8, 2013 - Carnegie Mellon University researchers claim they have created a smart phone messaging app with security that not even the National Security Agency can break.

Matchstick-sized sensor can record your private chats

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 10/02/2013 - 15:03

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (PNN) - September 26, 2013 - Everyone knows that to have a private chat in the National Security Agency era, you go outdoors. Phones, the Internet, email and your office can all be compromised with ease. But soon even that whispered conversation in the park may no longer be safe from prying ears.

New ‘ray gun’ can disable vehicles via EMP

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 09/18/2013 - 20:27

BERLIN, Germany (PNN) - September 14, 2013 - A new gadget built by Diehl Defense, much like a portable Electro-Magnetic Pulse ray gun, can disable a vehicles electronic circuitry rendering it useless in battlefield or pursuit conditions.

Voyager 1 has left the solar system

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 09/18/2013 - 20:25

HOUSTON, Texas (PNN) - September 12, 2013 - NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft officially is the first human-made object to venture into interstellar space. The 36-year-old probe is about 12 billion miles from our sun.

Apple fingerprint ID may mean you can no longer take the Fifth

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 09/18/2013 - 20:18

CUPERTINO, Kalifornia (PNN) - September 12, 2013 - There’s a lot of talk around biometric authentication since Apple introduced its newest iPhone, which will let users unlock their device with a fingerprint. Given Apple’s industry-leading position, it’s probably not a far stretch to expect this kind of authentication to take off. Some even argue that Apple’s move is a death knell for authenticators based on what a user knows (like passwords and PIN numbers).

Doctor claims new medical breakthrough allows corpses to be revived within a day of being dead

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 09/04/2013 - 17:26

NEW YORK (PNN) - August 22, 2013 - It is generally the case that once a person dies, there is only about a three-to-five minute window of potential resuscitation time before he or she becomes irreversibly dead, depending on the cause of death. But an Amerikan clinical care physician claims to have come up with a new way to revive corpses several hours after being dead, a process that with future advancements could eventually make it possible to revive the deceased up to 24 hours after death, he says.