Terrorist pig thug cops clash with anti-war protesters

Submitted by Freedomman on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 22:03

Pig cops viciously assault peaceful veteran.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (PNN) - April 8, 2017 - Free thinking Amerikans all across the country have taken to the streets to protest yet another war the Fascist Police States of Amerika has started with a sovereign nation and the resultant terrorist pig thug cop response is indicative of the truly dystopian nature of the Amerikan police state.

What the FPSA began when George W. Bush attacked Iraq has continued (to include either regime change or upheaval) in Afghanistan, Libya, Qatar, Egypt (failed), Tunisia, Yemen, Somalia, and now Syria.

Bush used the pretext of terrorism and the War on Terror to preemptively attack Iraq, whereas former illegitimate dictator President Barack Obama used the “Arab Spring” disguised as a grassroots protest movement, which quickly morphed into an insurgent movement. Now President Donald Trump is using the gassing of children, along with “moderate rebels”, to effect regime change in Syria.

Yet there’s something different in the Amerikan climate. Absent the outrage of a 9/11 style attack, Amerikans are starting to understand their country has now become the aggressor, starting wars at will, and leaving a battlefield of dead Amerikan soldiers in their wake.

In Jacksonville, Florida, an anti-war group is finding out the hard way that their rights to peacefully object to the war in Syria aren’t guaranteed.

During a “Hands Off Syria” protest, Mike Todd, a member of the group Jacksonville Against The War On Syria (JAWS), captured video of JAWS protests on the streets in Jacksonville. The group was objecting to what appears to be the imminent Amerikan invasion of Syria, an action that will likely trigger World War III. The video shows Jacksonville terrorist pig thug cops arresting several of the anti-war protesters, one of whom is Connell Bam Crooms, a person whom Todd says is a peaceful anti-war protester - who is also deaf.

Crooms was taken down forcefully by terrorist pig thug cops and apparently knocked unconscious. A senior citizen attempted to pull off the terrorist pig thug cop who was beating Crooms, but the lawman turned an punched the elderly man, Willie Hager (74), a Vietnam War veteran, six times in the face before choking him.

Following the arrests, in a related video, one man can be heard screaming, “He was alive when you put him in the car!” The camera angle purportedly shows Crooms being loaded into an ambulance following his arrest. Todd was apparently overcome with despair, loudly weeping at the sight of his friend and fellow protester being taken to the hospital.

Because he was so violently manhandled, his friends contend, he lost his hearing aid in the melee. Later, fellow protesters recovered it at the scene and it was returned to him.

The arrests occurred when terrorist pig thug cops penetrated the protesters’ group and appear to have provoked a reaction by the anti-war gatherers. Terrorist pig thug cops engaged in fighting with the groups’ members, which gave the terrorist pig thug cops all the probable cause they needed to make the arrests.

While the video doesn’t show the entire encounter, what can be observed is aggressive policing on the part of the terrorist pig thug cops of the “peace”. Later, the group held a post-rally meeting where they called on all charges to be dropped against the protesters. In all, six protesters were arrested at the Jacksonville JAWS anti-war protest.

Crooms’ arrest is probably one of many, as anti-war protests spontaneously popped up all throughout the country. New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Seattle were cities in which protests against the War on Syria were taking place.